Cricket Bat Grip Textures

A comprehensive list of all cricket bat grip textures commonly available to purchase as replacement grips; textures used specifically by one batmaker are excluded.

Cricket Bat Grips Diamond Texture


Diagonal groves create a surface resembling thousands of diamonds. The texture is relatively flat and is the original cricket bat grip texture.
Cricket Bat Grips Chevron Texture


Alternating bars (of approx 3cm width) of diagonally raised grooves.
Cricket Bat Grips Chevron Lite Texture

Chevron Lite

Alternating bars (of approx 3cm width) of diagonally raised grooves. This texture is thinner than the standard chevron, with the grooves less raised. It became very popular in 2017 when many bat manufacturers used this texture on new bats, primarily as it adds just 30g to the bat weight.
Cricket Bat Grips Matrix Texture


Narrow bars (approx 1cm width) of slightly raised diagonal groves, alternating in direction.
Cricket Bat Grips Players Matrix Texture

Players Matrix

Raised rows of diagonal groved bars, alternating in direction, with a small flat gap between each bar. Become very popular in 2016 onwards with bat manufacturers. Due to the die construct, colour bleeding is higher on this grip. Hence, the camouflage design, where bleeding is helpful, has become very popular in players matrix.
Cricket Bat Grips Pyramid Texture


Surface of the grip is covered in hundreds of mini pyramids.
Cricket Bat Grips Octopus Texture


The surface of the grip is covered in hundreds of mini octopus-like suckers and was the first grip texture to give a prominent raised texture. When choosing a grip of two and especially three colours, the octopus texture (due to the die construction) gives the least bleeding of colours into each other.
Cricket Bat Grips Scale Texture


The surface is covered in hundreds of "half moons" all facing in the same direction giving a texture resembling fish scales or snake skin. Usually called scale, it is sometimes known as snake. Generally considered to be the best texture for bond between bat and gloves.
Cricket Bat Grips Aqua Wave Texture

Aqua Wave

Alternating half moons creates a texture that resembles wave ripples. Due to the die construct, this is a good texture for three and four colour grips as there is little bleeding of colours (octopus still recommended if minimal bleeding is vital).
Cricket Bat Grips Penta Texture


The penta grip has five bars of alternating textures: Scale - Bands - Scale - Bands - Scale. The scale bands are usually the same colour with the two bands sections in one or two other colours.
Cricket Bat Grips Dynamite Texture


Essentially a pyramid grip, with hundreds on mini pyramids across the grip. The bottom hand is banded to create a thicker grip with simple pyramids on the top hand. The dynamite is characterised by the two bands at the top of the grip. At, any dynamite grip (one base colour or two colours, split between top and bottom hand) includes any colours you'd like on the bands (two of one colour or different).
Cricket Bat Grips Duo Texture


two textures in one grip - octopus and bangles combination. The duo grip was popular for a short time around 2011 / 2012 but is now out of favour. can offer this on demand only, for larger quantities.

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